I'm glad you stopped by. If you're on overload and need a break from the stressful news of the day, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let's take a breath of fresh hope!

Welcome, new friends and old, to this newborn website. I hope you will find www.marciaswearingen.com to be a place where you can come for some Good News! Feel free to explore and hopefully find words that will warm and encourage your heart. After the year we’ve all experienced, which included a terror attack in our hometown of Chattanooga, it’s all the more important to celebrate the roses God sends, because they are surely there among the thorns. 

Please feel free to post and share your bright spots, too, so “that our joy may be complete.”  Post your comments on my Blog here, or on my Contact page.

One more thing. Before I go, I want to present the Yellow Rose Midwife Award to Cheryll Snow, dear friend and fellow member of my writers’ group, without whose technical assistance, constant encouragement, and infinite patience, this venture would not have been possible. She’s a nurse in real life, too, and always a healer with words. Her stories will make you smile, cry, think, laugh and giggle. Check her out at www.cheryllsnow.com.


Let me know about the roses you're finding. Happy New Year!